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We are a renewed church in Burbank that believes historic convictions should inform real-life ambitions. Whether you are a skeptic, a seeker or a saint, come see how a thoughtful faith can unlock a meaningful life.


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Sundays at 10:00am

Meeting regularly helps remind us of the greater church family. On Sundays, we meet to worship, read the Word, and reconnect. We also gather for Catechism and Parties throughout the week.

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We love Burbank

We love the parks, the coffee shops, the diversity, and the sense of community. But, like so much of Southern California, there’s always a sense of looking for the next big thing, looking for a missing piece to contentment. The pace of culture doesn’t always leave time to build relationships and ask deep questions.

At All Souls, we’ve been making space for both—for over 70 years. See what a faith informed by deep theology, cultural consciousness, and a love for people looks like in real life.

We believe...

We believe...

The Gospel forms an imperfect community called the church, which is made up of all kinds of sinners from all ethnic groups in the world. The Gospel is the good news about the Redeemer who is the God-man, Jesus Christ. His life, death and resurrection paved the way for us to experience true life here on Earth and eternal life with him in Heaven. We can know God and the life he made us for by the power of the gospel. Imperfect humans (sinners) receive the benefits of His forgiveness, restoration, and love by grace through faith.


Our leadership...

We believe that leadership is the lifeblood of any organization or community. Because of this, we take it seriously. And strive to be the leaders God has called us to be—humble, bold, patient, and sensitive to the Spirit. We want to be the first to repent, the first to acknowledge our need for grace and the first to seek the wisdom of God in all things.

All Souls Church is led by a plurality of Elders who lead the church spiritually under the authority of Christ. Our leadership team and staff lead us strategically and organizationally. All three teams work together to guide All Souls Church.


for skeptics & seekers

We are a small, relationally-oriented liturgical church. We teach a faith that is lived out in the every day and in a gospel that creates a level playing field. We are all loved by God.

At All Souls, we love people and lovejesus