How Do Pray for Myself: Part 1

How Do Pray for Myself: Part 1 cover for post

How do I pray for myself?

  • How do I honestly bring my life and journey before God? 
  • How do I let him shape me as the days become weeks and the weeks become years? 
  • How do I measure progress? Should I measure progress? 
  • How do I get past praying for the same 5 things on repeat and really pray in a way that strengthens the journey? 
  • What points of view can I pray from that will help me see his hand in my life?


A good way to pray is to incorporate your whole life - past, present and future so you can regularly step back to see God’s presence in your life.


These three points of view help us think of our life as part of “The Story” he is telling, rather than finding my purpose in me.


First, explore where God has brought you from.

(we will explore present and future in the next two weeks)


1.) The Past

What wounds do you carry?

Have you specifically talked to Jesus about it? Have you asked him to heal you? Ask him to show you both the good and bad ways this wound has affected you. Is there pain? Anger? Sadness? Confusion? Don’t fight these feelings off, but instead you can be aware of these emotions in his presence. You can be aware that he knows.


What major events shaped you?

These may be great memories, important milestones, great victories or achievements. Or these major events may be heartbreak, trauma, divorce, death of a loved one, betrayal or abuse. For good or ill, major events shape who we are today.


Take the top three events and ask God what they meant then and now. How did these things make you who you are? What can you learn? What is God doing in the midst of it all? Write down your thoughts and emotions. Conversate with him about yourself.

Our big sins are the extreme moments or extreme life choices we made for a while that still affect us today. 


Have you taken time to know that He forgives you? If you can’t find specific moments, ask the Holy Spirit to show you patterns. If you grew up in the church and never wandered, ask God to show you where you are overconfident, or judgmental, or unmerciful or selfish.


Over the next two weeks we will look at how to pray about your present and future.

2.) Present: Who is in my life? What opportunities and challenges do I have? How do my weaknesses affect myself and others?


3.) Future: Who do I want to be? What do I live for? How do I die well? How do I set my mind on heaven?



This week give God some time with your past. Go for a walk, or a long drive. Get alone in a room, coffee shop, or nature. Take 15-20 minutes (or an hour!) to walk with God through your past. End by thanking him for everything that you can think of.

Grace and peace,

Pastor Harvey