Making Sense of the Nonsense

Making Sense of the Nonsense cover for post

From September 11th to November 20th we will be trying to make sense of the nonsense in the world around us at All Souls Church. We will be looking at 10 cultural issues that Christianity (because of the Bible) either sees differently than most of the culture where we live or the Scripture brings clarity to these topics usually in unexpected ways.


As Gospel-centered, Bible-believing Christians, we seek to

clarify Christian teaching for Christians, but we have no

interest in declaring war on the culture around us.


Some of the things in this series will seem strange to you while others might give you a puzzle piece to make it all fit together.


Since we are covering topics people are talking about everyday or topics that they are avoiding because of fear of the unknown, we have an opportunity to reach out to others. Maybe the same is true for you?


Sometimes we don’t ask questions of God

because we are not sure we will like his answers!


Maybe your friend needs to see your humanity in your skepticism, doubt, or misunderstanding. Maybe this is an opportunity to invite someone? You could go to church to learn and go out to lunch to discuss.

Another thing you might do is attempt to make it to church as much as possible this fall. Give yourself a chance to learn the answers to some of the most burning questions American Christians are facing. We want to make sure you are equipped and clear on the Christian response to many of these things.


The apostle Peter instructed us to,

“in your hearts honor Christ the Lord as holy, always being prepared to make a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you; yet do it with gentleness and respect,”


Finally, as we go through this fall, I want to encourage you to ask questions when you disagree, don’t understand or you think we have messed up the scriptural interpretations on these things.


We are not threatened by questions or disagreement

it is all part of the discipleship process.


Here is the lineup for the upcoming series:

  • Sep 11 - What is a Christian Worldview?
  • Sep 18 - Evil
  • Sep 25 - Human Rights
  • Oct 2 - Violence
  • Oct 9 - Race
  • Oct 16 - Equity/Equality
  • Oct 23 - Sexuality
  • Oct 30 - Social Justice
  • Nov 6 - Gender
  • Nov 13 - Hell
  • Nov 20 - Church Hypocrisy

I look forward to going on this journey with you all. Please be praying for people you might invite and pray for my neighbor, Steve, who I will invite on November 20th.

Grace and peace,

Pastor Harvey